Mars Ecosystem’s 2nd IHO has ended successfully!

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3 min readFeb 15, 2022


Mars Ecosystem officially launched its second IHO Launchpad with Parking Infinity on Tuesday the 15th of February. Following that, the team would like to release an inspiring announcement to all the participants of Mars Ecosystem’s second IHO.

The Mars team is excited to announce that the launchpad’s raise target goal of 10 million $XMS has been surpassed within 5 minutes of its launch!

Towards the end of Mars Ecosystem’s 2nd IHO, we have in total reached 31,633,900 XMS raised, which means we have overly exceeded the XMS raise target goal for the IHO 3.1 times over!🎊

🔥 10,000,000 XMS were immediately burned following the completion of the 2nd IHO. This 10,000,000 XMS figure represents 3.57% of the current XMS circulating supply.

Totally 19 Million XMS were burned in the first and second IHOs. In the coming future, Mars Ecosystem will hold more IHOs, which will soon bring XMS into significant deflation.

PARK price quickly rose and reached a whopping 1.02 XMS as users continued to buy the PARK token, which is now 5.1 times over the original IHO price! Congratulations to all the participants!

Now, with a successful IHO launched, the Parking Infinity game is online. This means users are able to purchase car PNFT and ticket PNFT’s to take a brand new journey to the future game world and boost their earnings!

As we have previously announced, the upcoming Yield Aggregator IHO is primed to launch soon as well. Stay tuned for more official news!

🌟Please read below the details of this IHO:

Total $XMS Raised:31,633,900 XMS(3.16X over the XMS raise target! )

$XMS Burned:10,000,000

Total $PARK to be distributed: 50,000,000

Number of IHO Participants:735

$PARK Contract Address: 0xeff83ab8c4f4479eae339fbcfAdf050A3a5f056B

PARK Vesting Schedule:Purchased $PARK to be released via a 120 day, block-by-block, linear vesting schedule, which started at 16:00 UTC 15th of Feb.2022

All the raised XMS in the IHO have been burned immediately after the IHO’s completion.

Transaction Hash:


All participants were able to share the $PARK quota based on their subscription amount. They were able to claim the over-committed $XMS as soon as the IHO was over.

🌟About Parking Infinity:

Parking Infinity ($PARK) is a new governance token that will be integrated into the Parking Infinity game to provide players, asset owners, and other stakeholders with a higher level of decision-making capabilities and product control.

Players will gain $PARK through various game modes and transactions on trading platforms that support $PARK.

The Parking Infinity game officially launched on the 15th of February.

📍Here are 3 general ways to play and earn

💎1. Park to Earn(Yield farming): Players can park PNFT cars in parking spaces in different areas and earn income based on the real-time APR of different parking spaces.

💎2. Trading: Players can also buy and sell PNFT in the secondary market to earn income.

💎3. Ticketing: Purchase the ticket and post a ticket to other Pcars parked in the parking lot to gain profit.

Read the game guide here:

💖We sincerely appreciate your participation and enthusiasm in our IHO events. We hope that you stay tuned for upcoming IHOs!

🌟 Apply for Mars Ecosystem IHO

MarsEcosystem IHO’ is our Initial Holder Offering. Our IHO allows projects to distribute their new tokens to the broadest audience possible in a fairway. As a result, projects benefit from increased exposure and easy token distribution.

The original intention of doing IHO’s is to provide high-quality projects for the Mars community, where users can obtain tokens for these projects at a preferential price.

Submit your project and join the Mars Ecosystem. Mars Ecosystem is among the most popular projects on the Binance Smart Chain and will bring your token directly to the most active and rapidly growing community on BSC.

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Yours sincerely,

The Mars Ecosystem Team