Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #8

Dear Mars Ecosystem community members,

Please see our latest updates below (11th Oct.- 17th Oct.):

Week #8

🌟1. $2M worth of BTC, BNB, ETH, CAKE were distributed to XMS stakers during this last week. Total rewards distributed stands at $7M already.

Mars Ecosystem firmly believes that users are the foundation of development, So we currently reward XMS stakers in the form of BTC, BNB, ETH, CAKE with 90% of the income via the XMS staking Pool, the remaining income goes to our DAO Treasury which supports the development of the project and its MKT.

User satisfaction is the goal and motivation of the Mars Ecosystem team.

🌟2. Selected as a monthly star in the Binance Sep. MVBIII program.

It is a great honour to be selected as a monthly star in MVBIII and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity and support that this brings.

Thank you to the Binance team and our community for the continued trust and support. Together we can build the Central bank & Reserve currency for the whole DeFi world!

Join our celebration giveaway! :

🌟3. Started a new campaign with Onto wallet.

$4,500 of $XMS & $ONG up for grabs! Stake≥1 $CAKE in Mars Ecosystem CAKE Pool for a chance to win $XMS + get entered into $ONG lottery.

🌟4. Increased 1,500 #CAKE rewards in the Stake #XMS Earn CAKE pool.

Mars Ecosystem puts user benefits first. After raising $CAKE rewards again on October 14, Mars Ecosystem daily rewards to users are:

7500 CAKE + 260 #BNB + 0.25 #BTC + 3.5 #ETH =$300,000 USD per day

🌟5. Listed on

You can check the Mars Ecosystem in DefiLlama now.

🌟6.$XMS is newly listed on Coin98 wallet.

We will have more cooperations with Coin98 Wallet Soon, please join our community to stay tuned for the latest news.

🌟7. Reached 100k followers on Twitter

To celebrate, we prepared another giveaway event:

🌟8. Completed 9 Global AMA sessions

Completed 9 Global AMA sessions including- 2 AMAs with Onto Community and Launchzone community as well as 2 AMAs in Satoshi Club’s Russian and Spanish communities.

You can check the recaps of Satoshi here:

We will have more cooperation with other projects in the future, please stay tuned!

By holding AMAs in different communities to answer the questions of our users, Mars Ecosystem is expanding and educating the community in a more organic and sustainable way.

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👨‍🚀 Great things are on the horizon and together we will build a New Decentralized Stablecoin Era!

Yours sincerely,

The Marsecosystem Team

A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.