Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #29

🌟1. MarsEcosystem IHO with UpDeFi has ended successfully.

IHO Price: $0.045 per $UP, 1.5 $XMS per $UP

$UP vesting: Starts at 14:00 UTC on March 21. Linear vesting for 90 days on a block-by-block basis.

$UP Contract Address: 0xbAc79E308BadA146DE29f56E066a021cfFA00375

Total participants: 597

Total $XMS committed: 37,261,323 XMS

🌟2. UpDeFi launched 22 vaults related to Mars Ecosystem with up to 3000+% APR.

🌟3. Burned 30 Million $XMS after the Mars IHO.

Toal $XMS burned in this round: 30 Million

Toal $XMS burned in Mars Ecosystem IHO: 49 Million

🌟4. The IHO project token $UP Price increased 6.4 times over within hours.

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