Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #29

Mars Ecosystem
3 min readMar 21, 2022


Dear Mars Ecosystem community members,

Below are the project’s highlights for the most recent week (14th Mar. — 20th Mar.):

🌟1. MarsEcosystem IHO with UpDeFi has ended successfully.

Mars Ecosystem officially launched an IHO with UpDeFi on Monday at 12:30 UTC on the 21st of March.

We are extremely delighted to announce that the IHO with UpDeFi has come to an end with success with 597 participants. Following the completion of this round’s IHO with UpDeFi, 30 million XMS were immediately burned, which represents nearly 10% of the current circulating supply of XMS.

Mars IHO Statistics

IHO Price: $0.045 per $UP, 1.5 $XMS per $UP

$UP vesting: Starts at 14:00 UTC on March 21. Linear vesting for 90 days on a block-by-block basis.

$UP Contract Address: 0xbAc79E308BadA146DE29f56E066a021cfFA00375

Total participants: 597

Total $XMS committed: 37,261,323 XMS

A big congratulations to all lucky Mars hitchhikers! Don’t forget that all IHO participants will be able to claim part of their $UP on the same day of the IHO.

More details on Mars Ecosystem IHO:

🌟2. UpDeFi launched 22 vaults related to Mars Ecosystem with up to 3000+% APR.

It is time to enjoy the high APR for $XMS and $USDm holders, and there are 22 vaults related to Mars Ecosystem on the UpDeFi Dapp.

The highest APR is up to 3000+%. You do not want to miss these golden opportunities.

Boost your earnings here:

🌟3. Burned 30 Million $XMS after the Mars IHO.

We exceeded our target goal of 20 Million $UP in 52 minutes, and all participants will receive $UP based on $XMS contributed.

After Mars IHO, 30 million XMS was immediately burned, which represents nearly 10% of the current circulating supply of XMS.

$XMS Burned Info

Toal $XMS burned in this round: 30 Million

Toal $XMS burned in Mars Ecosystem IHO: 49 Million

We’ve been extremely pleased by the support and excitement we have received from our community. We truly appreciate your confidence and your commitment to both Mars Ecosystem and UpDeFi.

Check more details:

🌟4. The IHO project token $UP Price increased 6.4 times over within hours.

After IHO, as users continued to buy the UP token, the $UP price quickly rose and reached $0.29, which is 6.4 times over the IHO price.

Congratulations to all the participants, you can also buy $UP on MarsSwap:

Enjoy the 1800+% APR of Staking UP earn CAKE:

MarsEcosystem IHO details:

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Yours sincerely,

The Marsecosystem Team



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