Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #28

🌟1.Released IHO details of UpDeFi

UP IHO Time: 12:30 UTC — 13:30 UTC, March 21

UP Total Supply: 1 Billion

UP IHO Allocation: 2%

UP IHO Amount: 20 Million UP

UP IHO Raise Token: XMS

UP IHO Price: 0.045USD per UP, 1.5 XMS per UP

Chain: BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20)

UP Vesting Schedule: Purchased UP will be released via 90 days linear vesting on a block-by-block basis. The vesting will start around 14:00 UTC on March 21.

All the raised XMS in IHO will be burned immediately after IHO.

🌟2.UpDeFi announced the “UpHolder Program”

🌟3. UpDeFi held 4 AMA events in Mars Ecosystem

🌟4. UpDeFi held an AMA with SynFutures

🌟5. UpDeFi held an AMA with ONTO Wallet

🌟6. UpDeFi released winners of Learn & Earn Campaign

🌟7.UpDeFi completed 4 Global AMA sessions

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