Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #24

Dear Mars Ecosystem community members,

Below are the project’s highlights for the most recent week ( 7th Feb. — 14th Feb.):

🌟1. Announced Mars Ecosystem’s 2nd IHO project: Parking Infinity *coming on the 15th of February*

Mars Ecosystem is excited to announce that we will officially launch the 2nd IHO with Parking Infinity from 12:00 UTC to 13:00 UTC on the 15th of February.

⭐️The 2nd IHO Details:

PARK 2nd IHO Date: 12:00 UTC — 13:00 UTC, 15th of Feb (The same day as the official launch of Parking Infinity game).

PARK Total Supply: 1 Billion

PARK 2nd IHO Allocation: 5%

PARK 2nd IHO Amount: 50 Million PARK

PARK 2nd IHO Price Discount: 82% off the market price of PARK

PARK 2nd IHO Price: 0.2 XMS per PARK (82% off the market price of 1.1 XMS per PARK)

PARK IHO Raise Token: XMS

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

PARK Vesting Schedule: Purchased PARK will be released via 120 days linear vesting on a block-by-block basis. Vesting starts when the Parking Infinity game Beta launches, which is estimated to be 15:00 UTC 15th of Feb.

All the raised XMS in IHO will be burned immediately after IHO.

Join Here:

After IHO, there will be 10 NFT(CAR) Airdrops for Participants

Read the details on Mars Ecosystem’s 2nd IHO:

🌟2. Announced Yield Aggregator which will officially be launched in February

The Yield Aggregator will be launched in February as the market warms up. There will be an AMA event before the launching event to introduce its innovations.

More details on the Yield Aggregator:

🌟3. Honored to be listed as one of the highest Weekly TVL Gainers in the BSC ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem is proud to be listed as the third-highest for the Weekly TVL Gainers in the BSC ecosystem.

Weekly TVL Gainers:

🌟4. Started voting for Mars Ecosystem token campaign on Cointoplist.

Please show your love and vote for us which would help us move faster on the Mars mission. Your vote helps to bring us forward to potential investors and users on the platform and the market.

Vote for Mars!:

🌟5. Held an AMA with Parking Infinity

On the 13th of February, there was an AMA event with Parking Infinity in the Mars Ecosystem telegram group where we also held a giveaway and distributed 100 Parking Ticket NFT’s.

More details on AMA:

🌟6. Held Mars Valentine’s Day $500 Event

Since Valentine’s Day is close, we prepared a little gift for you. There will be $500 for 20 lucky people.

To participate in the Valentine’s Day giveaway:

Fill out the form:

Valentine’s Day Post:

🌟7. Held Giveaway with $500 in $PARK

Mars Ecosystem will officially launch the 2nd IHO Launchpad on the 15th of Feb. We are giving away $500 in PARK to 50 lucky winners.

Users can purchase Car PNFT and Ticket PNFT to take a brand new journey to the future world and boost their earnings!

To participate in the giveaway please fill out the form here:…

Giveaway post:

🌟8. Announced that the previous giveaways of $2000 in $PARK and 5 PNFT are reinitiated

The Second IHO with Parking Infinity is coming on the 15th of February. Mars Ecosystem restarted the previous giveaway of $2000 worth of $PARK and the 5 PNFT giveaway.

Please remember that we will verify if the winners are qualified after the competition ends, e.g. if they joined the telegram groups and if their referrals are truly real users. Any behavior that can not be verified will cause the competitor’s status to be revoked.

Join the competition here:

Giveaway post:

🌟9. Updated the Captain Program Missions

Promote parking Infinity IHO in your own way. There is no limitation on how you promote the IHO, you can access our presskit using the pictures of cars to make posters, or use the content on our medium articles.

We will give out $400 worth of PARK in total, how much you are going to receive is totally dependent on the quality of your submission.

Please join the Captain program and get the latest news:

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👨‍🚀 Great things are on the horizon and together we will build a New Decentralized Stablecoin Era!

Yours sincerely,

The Mars Ecosystem Team.



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