Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #21

🌟 1. Announced Mars Ecosystem’s 2nd IHO project: Parking Infinity is coming on 20th.Jan

Mars Ecosystem is excited to announce that we will officially launch the 2nd IHO with Parking Infinity from 12:30 UTC to 13:30 UTC on the 20th of January, which is 1 or 2 days before the official launch of the Parking Infinity game.

After IHO, there will be 10 NFT(CAR) Airdrops for Participants.

🌟 2. Launched a new farm: Stake USDm-TMT to earn $XMS

On the 11th of Jan, Mars Ecosystem launched new LPs with TopGoal on MarsSwap Farm. The APR reached 15,000%+ in the first minutes and keeps around 550%+.

🌟 3. Started a poll regarding a proposed official forum created by one of our Captains.

Mars Ecosystem would like to know what is your opinion about our new forum, whether it is necessary to keep developing it or not. The description has been translated into multi-language.

🌟4. Created an official captain program telegram group.

Join Mars Ecosystem's official captain program telegram group and earn some bounties. You can find information about our Captain Program in different languages.

🌟5.Held $1000 giveaway event in $PARK with Parking Infinity

On the 17th of January, Mars Ecosystem started 1000u in $PARK giveaway event with Parking Infinity. We will choose 400 lucky winners who accomplish the tasks to airdrop. It will take us 4 working days to randomly choose the winners. Hence, the result will be announced on the 27th of Jan.

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