Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #18

🌟1. Announced Mars Ecosystem’s 1st IHO project: Parking Infinity is coming on 29th.

We are excited to announce Mars Ecosystem will officially launch IHO Launchpad on the 29th of this month. Parking Infinity launched on The Binance NFT Marketplace on the 27th of Dec. and the 1st batch pre-sale of 500NFT (cars ) was sold out in 7 minutes.

All the raised XMS in IHO will be burned immediately after IHO.

After IHO, there will be 10 Blind Box(CAR) NFT Airdrops for Participants.

🌟2. Launched the New Captain Program.

Mars Ecosystem received abundant submissions. After consideration and some adjustments, we turn the captain program into a regular event.

🌟3. Launched Stake $XMS to earn $USDm Pool.

On Dec 23rd, we launched a new pool on Mars Ecosystem Pool.

🌟4. Announced the completion of Genesis.

On Dec. 22, 1 pm UTC, during Genesis Events users have enjoyed super-high APR. After genesis completion, the following modules will be opened:

🌟5. Honored to be one of the most visited tokens on Moonlight.

Bubble Maps is a way to visualize the holders’ activity for any given token, and it shows a high level of transparency to our community.

🌟6. Honored to be top Dapp by volume in BSC.

Mars Ecosystem is listed on top Binance Smart Chain Dapp by volume and it lasted 7 days.

🌟7. Joined Metaverse Xmas & celebrated together with SecondLive & Binance Smart Chain.

Join us to celebrate fabulous metaverse Xmas

🌟8. Announced a partnership with Decentra. Lotto

Mars Ecosystem will be integrated into Decentra Lotto’s lottery and staking dApp with our own page. Users can purchase the Decentra Lotto lottery with $USDm very soon!!!

🌟9. Held Parking Infinity Blind Box NFT giveaway campaign.

Parking Infinity is an NFT-based game with the theme of virtual cars, which launched on Binance NFT Marketplace on the 27th of Dec. Parking Infinity will start the 1st public release on Mars Ecosystem.

🌟10. Announced the coming Christmas GiveAway event with Binance Smart Chain.

On 28th Dec, Mars Ecosystem and Binance Smart Chain will be holding a Christmas GiveAway.

🌟11. Ended #MerryXMS giveaway event on Twitter and started the voting.

We have selected 13 submissions. And Our Community Members will Vote for the Top 3 Artworks! Please, head on to our Reddit and vote for your favorite artwork Mars Ecosystem appreciates your participation and artwork.

🌟12. Completed 2 Global AMA sessions.

We completed 2 AMA sessions globally in different languages.

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