Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #17

🌟1. Announced launch of a Gamefi platform and the Yield Aggregator in the near future.

🌟2. Announced MarsEcosystem x TopGoal Strategic Partnership.

🌟3. Being invited by BSC to join Christmas & NewYear Event.

🌟4. Applied the booth of BSC MVB virtual pavilion in Secondlive

🌟5. Honored to be in the Top BSC Project with the Highest safety score.

🌟6. DappRader displays Mars Ecosystem on Top Defi Ranking page.

🌟7. Started #MERRYXMS giveaway event on Twitter.

🌟8. Announced starting the XMS deflation.

🌟9. Completed 2 Global AMA sessions.

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A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.

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Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem

A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.

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