Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #16

🌟 1. $3.6 Million worth of $BTC, $BNB, $ETH, $CAKE were distributed to $XMS stakers last week. Total rewards distributed stands at $32.9 Million already.

MarsEcosystem firmly believes that users are the foundation of development, So we currently reward XMS stakers in the form of BTC, BNB, ETH, CAKE with 90% of the income via the XMS staking Pool, the remaining income goes to our DAO Treasury which supports the development of the project and its MKT.

🌟 2. Honoured to be on Binance Smart Chain Project Spotlight.

Learn more about the Mars Ecosystem and our open & decentralized finance protocol with the USDM stablecoin.

🌟 3. Launched a new pool: Stake $USDm to earn $MONI.

On the 8th of Dec, Mars Ecosystem cooperated with Monsta Infinite and launched a new pool on Mars Ecosystem Pool.

🌟 4. Announced the upcoming measures for Dec.: XMS deflation & USDm use case and stability.

XMS deflation:

USDm use case & stability:

🌟 5. Announced the upcoming IHO of a GameFi platform and an innovative Yield Aggregator.

Mars Ecosystem will launch a GameFi platform and an innovative Yield Aggregator. The IHOs of both projects will be held on Mars, and XMS will be accepted. All XMS raised from these IHOs will be BURNT.

🌟 6. Announced a staking campaign with ONTO Wallet.

On December 10th, Mars Ecosystem x ONTO Wallet held a week-long staking event on Mars Ecosystem’s BNB Pool.

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