Mars Ecosystem Weekly Report #13

🌟1.$3.6 Million worth of $BTC, $BNB, $ETH, $CAKE were distributed to $XMS stakers last week. Total rewards distributed stands at $22.1 Million already.

🌟2.Launched our stablecoin module on BSC in our “Genesis” rollout

🌟3. Genesis Event 1 has ended successfully & Exceeded the mintage cap 3X over.

🌟4. Launched staking of $USDm to earn XMS, BTC, ETH, BNB, CAKE Pools with 2000%+ APR.

🌟5. Awaiting the final votes to be counted, to announce the “Top players” in the BSC MVBIII program.

🌟6. Announced NFT cooperations and strategic partnership with Celestial.

🌟7. MarsEcosystem x Hyperpay_tech airdrop $1800 worth of $XMS airdrop completed.

🌟8. Joined Binance Smart Chain EXPO I to explore finance 2.0.

🌟9. Completed 10 Global AMA sessions

🚀Genesis Event 2 is coming soon

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A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.

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Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem

A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.

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