Libra User Manual

Libra is stableswap with lower slippage and better rates. Swap and liquidity are two key elements of the Libra system. You can swap or add liquidity by staking a token pair through the Liquidity page. In return for adding liquidity, 50% of trading fees will be sent to the LP providers as a reward.


*Daily volume refers to the transaction volume in 24 hours.

Note: The swap fee at Libra is fixed at 0.05% per transaction. 50% of it will be allocated as a reward for liquidity providers.

*The transaction will be approved if there is sufficient balance in your wallet.

Add Liquidity

You can add USDm or BUSD single-sided liquidity, or add USDm + BUSD liquidity.

Note: Users need to confirm permission from the wallet before adding liquidity.

Remove Liquidity

we can remove single-sided liquidity or combo liquidity:

You can choose to withdraw token A or token B, or withdraw both (token A+ token B). Take USDm as an example, if you choose to receive USDm, that means you are going to withdraw your LP token to USDm.

Note: Users will need to confirm the action after approving the permission in the pop-up window.


In the upper right corner of the window, users can set the slippage tolerance and transaction speed.

If the actual transaction slippage exceeds the user setting, the transaction will not be executed.



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