Libra User Manual


1. Go to Libra’s official website

2. Connect wallet

3. Click on Swap, BUSD and USDm are supported.

4. Enter the amount and then click on Approve button

5. Confirm the permission in the pop-up window

6. Click the Swap button to complete the action

Add Liquidity

1. Visit the Pool page, Click “Details” to access the liquidity page

2. Users can add bilateral or single-sided liquidity here.

3. Here, we are going to use adding USDm + BUSD liquidity as an example. After adding 1 USDm and 1 BUSD, we can see that the currency reserves changed.

Remove Liquidity

1. Choose the percentage of the LP token

2. Choose the currency to receive

You can choose to withdraw token A or token B, or withdraw both (token A+ token B). Take USDm as an example, if you choose to receive USDm, that means you are going to withdraw your LP token to USDm.

3. Click the Remove Liquidity button


In the upper right corner of the window, users can set the slippage tolerance and transaction speed.



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