Introducing the New Captain Program!

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5 min readDec 24, 2021


The last captain program was such a blast, and we received a lot of submissions. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support.💘

After consideration and some significant adjustments, we have turned the captain program into a regular event. So here we introduce our renewed captain program.

✨About the New Program

The Mars Ecosystem operates this program as a means to create a network of aspiring individuals and a broad talent pool as part of our DAO. As you know, we are creating an economy, and within this economy, there must be leaders and visionaries to push forward and innovate for generations to come.
Through this program, Participants are empowered and motivated to contribute and build and develop skills and Knowledge through interactions with the team and other participants. The program is fair for all, with no barrier to entry.

There are no commitments or contracts to sign, simply contribute to the program, submit completed bounties and earn XMS. There will be bounties to cater to the categories listed above, and we value every contribution to the program.

Community is key to longevity and innovation. There is so much unexplored talent and so many potential leaders/ entrepreneurs in the crypto space.
You might be one of them, unlock your skills with the new Captain program, and secure your place on Mars!

An opportunity for talented and motivated individuals in the community to Earn some XMS and gain transferable skills from mentoring and coaching sessions with DeFi enthusiasts and regular AMAs with the Mars Ecosystem team.

Participants will be given a list of open bounties and allocated rewards for successful completion. You can also collaborate with others or contribute to the program in other ways.

Participants can maximise their earnings by:

🌠Submitting High-quality content or promotion of said content

🌠Referring others

🌠Contributing to the program long-term

🌠Engaging with Captain-only events and HOT bounties

🌠Using their status as a VIP or Influencer to contribute to the ecosystem or program

🌠Progressing through the ranks and competing to earn our rare NFTs

We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you can both learn and earn in this program!

💫Join Here —

How to participate

Anyone can join the program, simply Join the Official Captain Program Telegram Group and talk to an admin or type /bounties to get started!

💖Bounties will always be available using this link —

We will offer ⏲️limited events for participants also, be sure to join the Official Captain Program Telegram group using the link provided

To Submit a reward application, Email your submission to -


If the submission is non-English and is website-related, please attach the link in the Email.

We will review and revise our tasks and bounties monthly.

-Full details on how to properly submit your reward application will be available.

Upon submission, your submission will be reviewed within seven working days. If accepted, your rewards will be sent within seven days.

Each calendar month(depending on participation levels), we will select a certain amount of submissions from each Captain bounty and post on Reddit so that everyone can vote for ✨the top newcomer prize✨. Of course, this only applies to the new people🧍 who joined within the calendar month.

There will be added Bonuses for Participants who progress through the ranks and those who refer, mentor, or onboard new participants. As well as monthly awards for 🔝top performers.

If you Love the Mars Ecosystem, and want to join our family, here is your chance!

If you have any suggestions on new bounties being added or any other suggestions, feel free to contact our admins.

How to submit

How to submit a reward application;


Title should match the bounty that is being submitted

Leave a BSC bep20 👛wallet address in which you wish to receive rewards

All the submitted material should also contain a copy of its original format. E.g. .ai .psd .prproj etc.

If submitting video or media, kindly attach links to any materials used if applicable and ensure that the media is copyright free

If submitting stickers, submit as. PNG attachments

If submitting proof of promotion or advertising, please provide links and engagement statistics where applicable

If submitting an “open” bounty (anything goes), add details as to why the content submitted contributes to the ecosystem, as well as the purpose or potential use of the submission

If bridging or establishing a connection with a VIP or influencer, be sure to provide links to their respective content or channels

If working as a team, provide details of team members and how the rewards are to be split in each submission

Submissions will be reviewed as they are sent. At the end of each calendar month, the program leads will distribute rewards to those who successfully submitted reward applications and met the criteria for entry.

⚠️Disclaimer - The team reserves the right to withhold or suspend payments for submissions that do not meet the criteria or have been submitted incorrectly. The team will also allow flexibility in the reward framework to allow for variations in the quality or intended effects concerning submitted material.

✨ Maximising rewards

This program supports and rewards talented individuals and committed supporters within the Mars Ecosystem community.

Participants can Maximise their earnings by;

Using their status as a VIP or Influencer/Content creator to contribute

Referring others

Being involved long term and contributing regularly

Submitting High-quality work

Engaging with Captain-only events and by completing HOT bounties

Advancing through the progression Phases listed below


Applicant — Someone who is interested in participating

Captain — has completed bounties regularly and has shown effort and commitment.

Commander — Exceptional performance and dedication over a long period

Suitable for;


Content creators


Article writers

Graphic designers



Crypto investors/Enthusiasts

🔗 Useful links

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🎬 Youtube

🤖 Discord

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🧠 Reddit

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👨‍🚀 Great things are on the horizon, and together we will build a New Decentralized Stablecoin Era!

Yours sincerely,

The Marsecosystem Team