Announcing the launch of Mars Ecosystem Farms & Pools

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3 min readAug 31, 2021

Thanks to the community for your support and great patience! After many tests and inspections by our dev team, Mars Ecosystem is about to start the next stage of the journey! 🚀

As the world’s first stablecoin Defi ecosystem, we are excited to announce our new Farms & Pools to incentivize the participants in the Mars Ecosystem protocols. The details are as follows:

🔥 General

Our Farms & Pools are designed with a unique mechanism to include both Mars ecosystem and other BSC communities. The DeFi token holders and the LP token holders of other protocols can all enjoy the high and sustainable yields with security in our Farms & Pools.

Farms & Pools Launch Time: September 1st, 13:00 UTC


XMS token distribution attaches great importance to the community, and 65% of the total supply will be distributed to the community in the form of mining rewards. The mining rewards for the first month are particularly generous.

🔥 Pools

In the Single Token Pools, users can stake CAKE and XMS to earn XMS. The old XMS staking Pool will be deprecated. To participate in the new pools, users who have staked in the old XMS staking Pool have to unstake their XMS tokens on the Claim page of the DAPP website and stake on the Pools page.

For more details please click this link:


🔥 Farms

Our Farms are designed for liquidity providers to earn mining rewards. It will include both MarsSwap LP tokens and PancakeSwap LP tokens.

Specifically, in addition to the XMS-BNB LP token on MarsSwap, the CAKE-BNB, BUSD-BNB, USDT-BNB, BTCB-BNB, ETH-BNB, BTCB-BUSD, CAKE-USDT and CAKE-BUSD LP tokens on PancakeSwap are also included.

For more details please click this link:


🔥 Safety

Unlike many platforms which are releasing ‘beta’ versions with simple ‘invest at your own risk’ warnings. We had all contracts fully audited by both SlowMist and CertiK.

Here are the links to the audit reports:



This week, we will also cooperate with Immunefi, a well-known bug bounty organization, and we will provide generous bonuses to launch the Bug bounty program.

🔥 Community First

Mars Ecosystem understands that community support is a key factor in determining whether Mars Ecosystem’s grand vision can be realized. According to this concept, we provided the early hitchhikers of the Mars community with better terms than the VCs and Institutions in our IMO in June (and the participants are already enjoying the profits. Thanks and cheers). Also according to this concept, 65% of the total supply of XMS will be distributed to the community in the form of community incentives.

For the success of the project, the Mars team, the institutional investors and the IMO participants choose to lock XMS for a long time:

1) The Mars team’s XMS tokens will be released linearly for 36 months, starting from Genesis Launch (After a month or so).

2) The institutional investors’ XMS tokens will be released linearly for 18 months, starting from Genesis Launch (After a month or so).

3) IMO participants’ tokens are released linearly for 6 months, starting on June 15th.

In line with the same goal to onboard long-term supporters of the Mars Ecosystem, the XMS rewards earned by users in Farms & Pools will be released linearly within 6 months (released every 3 days after the user Harvest). We hope that through this design, XMS tokens can be distributed to the true long-term supporters of the Mars Ecosystem in a sustainable way.

Enjoy the APRs.

🚀🚀🚀 Let’s go Farming on Mars together!

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👨‍🚀 Great things are on the horizon and together we will build a New Decentralized Stablecoin Era!

Yours sincerely,

The Mars Ecosystem Team.