Announcing the cooperation of Mars Ecosystem & Celestial

Dear Hitchhikers of Mars Ecosystem,

On November 17th, we are excited to announce that Mars Ecosystem and Celestial will conduct in-depth cooperation at both product and community levels.

Celestial is a cross-chain Gamefi that combines Gamefi and Socialfi with an interstellar war theme. The players are able to ‘Play and Earn’ with more than 30,000 users on BSC.

Cooperation Details

🌟1. Farms & pools

New Farms & Pools on Mars Ecosystem

Pool: Stake USDm to earn CELT


Farm: Stake USDm-CELT MarsSwap LP token to earn XMS


Start time: 14:00 UTC 27th, Nov. 2021

New pool on Celestial:

Stake USDm to Earn CRYSTAL.


Start time: 14:00 UTC 27th, Nov. 2021

🌟2. Co-branded NFTs empowered by both sides

Celestial will design and launch a limited edition NFTs collection for Mars Ecosystem, which will be very rare, so get in fast 🚀.

These exclusive NFTs will fall into the category of GAMMA, which is the second high-quality NFT category on BSC in Celestial Marketplace. Each NFT will have its own features empowered by both sides.

Apart from having its full functionality on the Celestial platform, participating in Celestial Staking and Games, Mars Ecosystem will also enable holders of this NFT to exclusive functions.

🔥NFT empowerment by Celestial:

Stake to earn $CELT

Trade in the marketplace of Celestial

Play to earn in Celestial Games

🔥NFT empowerment by Mars Ecosystem:

Have chance to get Airdrop of new projects of the Mars Ecosystem

Possible farming acceleration privilege in Pool or Farm which is related to Celestial at Mars Ecosystem

These exclusive NFTs will be available on Celestial Marketplace, which has excellent liquidity and a lot of users. Users have to buy with XMS or USDm.

More details and more empowerment will be released soon.

🌟 About Celestial

Celestial is a cross-chain metaverse game that combines GameFi, SocialFi, and NFT Swap with the theme of interstellar warfare. The players are able to ‘Play and Earn’.

Inspired by traditional games, the Celestial team aims to build an interstellar exploration chain game that is socially permeable, taking the player community culture as the pioneer, game and finance as the assistance. It opens the door to the real world players to spy on metaverse in a very interesting way and promotes the recurring operation of the game. The development core is not only game or finance.

To learn more about Celestial, you can visit their official communication channels:







🌟 About Mars Ecosystem

Mars Ecosystem is the 🥇1st stablecoin Defi ecosystem, which has successfully raised 💰$2 million in seed funding from Continue Capital, etc.

Mars Ecosystem’s smart contracts are audited by the best security auditors in the world: Certik and SlowMist. And offers a Bug Bounty with DeFi’s leading bug bounty platform, Immunefi.


The stablecoin module of Mars Ecosystem will be launched on BSC in November, and a “Genesis” will be held at the same time.

The purpose of this Genesis is to incentivise the minting of USDm and to distribute XMS to the early supporters of USDm for free.

The duration of Genesis is 30 days. A series of “Genesis Events” will be held during this rollout.

Read the details of Genesis here:

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👾 Join our community

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👨‍🚀 Great things are on the horizon and together we will build a New Decentralized Stablecoin Era!

Yours sincerely,

The Marsecosystem Team




A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.

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Mars Ecosystem

A New Decentralized Stablecoin Paradigm.

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