AMA Recap: Roadmap, Stableswap, and Mars Treasury

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3 min readApr 21, 2022


Dear Mars Ecosystem community members,

On the 15th of April, we held AMA in global and local TG communities simultaneously.

In case anyone missed the AMA, please read this AMA recap carefully to understand Mars Ecosystem’s Roadmap, plans on Stableswap, and Mars Treasury. We would like to thank our users for your patience and support!

🌟1. What is the project roadmap for Q2? Could you please tell us some progress on StableSwap?

The StableSwap concept is something that we’re really excited about. Particularly, the potential for increased use cases of XMS and USDM.

As for the launch — allow us to introduce a new part of our ecosystem, Libra Finance. Libra is currently under development and will provide low-slippage swaps for price-stable assets, including stablecoins. It will solve the problem that the current USDm exchange slippage on MarsSwap has, which is too large, and provide sufficient liquidity for USDm.

🌟2. How will you increase XMS market value?

Our main objective here is to stimulate demand for USDm and increase the minting volume. Since the Mintage Control mechanism is currently open, the maximum minting amount of USDm is 1/2.5 of the market value of XMS. During the process of increasing the minting amount of USDm, XMS market value will be increased simultaneously.

🌟3. Mars has a treasury of 18 million, and BNBC is unique in stabilizing the track. So is it possible to introduce Binance to invest or just provide vigorous support?

We have always maintained a good strategic relationship with the BNB Chain. Mars, as the monthly star of BNB Chain in September, participated in the AMA held by the official group and Indian group. What’s more, we have also participated in several campaigns like BNB Chain Christmas, New Year Campaign, and Bitkeep*BNB chain campaigns with leading projects such as Biswap and Alpaca. BNB Chain even did an exclusive interview with Mars.

BSC Spotlight Interview:

Next, we will continue to expand our cooperation with BNB Chain, and synchronize the updates to the community in time.

The cooperation between Mars and other high-quality projects will be continued. We have already conducted in-depth cooperation with high-quality projects such as Helmet, Fortube, Alpaca, Topgoal, and Celestial. In the future, we will actively expand the project cooperation in the BNB Chain ecosystem, creating more application scenarios for XMS and USDm.

🌟4. The Mars Treasury has been idle for a few months. Does the team have any plans to use the treasury funds to revitalize XMS and USDm? If not, can the team explain why the treasury funds were left idle?

In order to protect the rights and interests of the community, the treasury funds will first be used to provide liquidity for USDm.

In order to ensure the safety of funds, funds will not be used arbitrarily.

🌟5. Why do you still keep the UP-XMS trading pair, knowing that the UP-XMS trading pair will cause the price of XMS to fall?

The reason why we request the UpDeFi team to provide initial liquidity for MarsSwap’s UP-XMS trading pair is to facilitate our community to easily trade UP on MarsSwap and to attract other users to trade on MarsSwap. This boosted the demand for XMS during the rapid price growth in the early days of UP.

When the UP price declined later, we requested the UpDeFi team to significantly reduce the liquidity of the UP-XMS trading pair, and only retained the most basic liquidity provision, which is currently around $10,000.

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Yours sincerely,

The Marsecosystem Team